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After God only knows how many years buried in her coffin, this busty vampire babe woke up with a hunger for blood and vampire sex. She is all alone, with her fangs bared but no victim in sight. So she has two problems, but at least she can take care of one by herself. With her big boobs squeezed in a tight corset and her tight pussy already out, she takes anything she can find to relieve herself. Saint statues, candles, she sticks anything she can in her sweet vampire pussy. That until she remembers: good thing she was buried with her favorite dildo.

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Blood is all over Angelica’s nice natural tits as she is playing with a long toy and shoving it deep inside of her pink slippery meat hole. There is nothing this vampire sex princess loves more than to feel blood and that is why sometimes after sex she bites her lover and sucks his blood. That is making her hard nipples even harder and her orgasmic tunnel of love totally wet and ready for some more fingering and clitty flogging. Angelica is always in the mood to cum hard and drink a lot of blood.

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It is hard to assume that this nun is actually into vampire sex and most of the time she enjoys eating blood of hot girls. All she has to do is bite her and suck all her blood but before that she would like to kiss her on the lips a little bit. That is what this sexy nun does best and there is nothing that can stop her from reaching a strong orgasm… There is a long knife in her hand and she is ready to use it if this blonde babe doesn’t stop screaming.

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After watching this wicked vampire porn, you’ll learn a thing or two about vampires that you didn’t know before. For example, having a cross won’t help you fend off these vicious creatures, because apparently it doesn’t do a thing. That’s the only explanation for this horny vampire queen shoving a huge golden cross between her massive tits and even using it to fuck her cock craving cunt. The wild babe with long fangs managed to kill all the men she caught before fucking them, so now she’ll have to use what she’s got to get off…

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This wild vampire girl is craving some cum instead of blood and she needs to get it right now! Watch this incredible vampire sex video where the harsh vampire queen decides to play with that human she hunted down for dinner and drain all kinds of fluids from his body. She makes the poor guy sit on her throne and she climbs on top of him, then knocks him down on the ground and forces him to lick her eager pussy with the last of life he has inside him before he gets drained completely…

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Vixen has been dead for a while now, but that doesn’t stop her from feeling horny. Since there are no immortals and undead in her area to have spicy hot vampire sex with, she has to take care of her sexual needs, regular mortals are not able to make her feel good, so she’s using her fingers and the sex toys she always holds in her coffin, just in case she wants a quick masturbation. Pale vampire bends over and introduces her toys to both of her holes in hardcore xxx masturbation session.

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Dressed as a nun, attractive Annie Cruz looks even more desirable and not to mention her large vampire teeth. Blood and juicy lips is what she wants more than anything right now, and since she is a lesbian, there is no way she can resist another vampire nun with a pretty face. It is time for her to show what she can do with her teeth before drinking a lot of blood and screaming with pleasure. Annie Cruz’s sensitive nipples are already rock hard and her twat is 100% wet!

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You asked for it, and now you’ve got it, more vampire porn to quench your thirst. So now that it is finally here, don’t blame me if you get offended by this shit! I can see how watching two nuns getting wet and messy in lesbian sex could be offensive to some people… and then they go ahead and turn these babes in to vampires just to push things a little bit further. Well, congratulations whoever thought of this stuff, you just made some of the most strangely erotic and unique lesbian action that I have seen in a while.

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More vampire sex videos, more blood, and more babes. Maybe this will be enough to satisfy your lust… or at least raise a wooden stake. I know, bad joke, so anyway on with the show… the first trailer is called The Feeding, where a busty lesbian vampire feeds on her slave’s blood and eats her pussy before squirting all over the slave girl’s face. We also get to see a trailed called Bloodbath featuring a horny vampire girl masturbating in, you guessed it, a bath full of fresh warm blood! These are definitely not the same vampires you’ve seen in Hollywood movies.